field Open

2022 Season End

They say there is no business like snow business and Rainbow proves this year after year.
While the season started out with great promise, Mother Nature had other ideas. The recent rains and warmer temperatures mean that despite our best efforts for the club by the staff we are having to close the season early on 11th September.
That’s the bad news. The good news is, that we have a final week to make the most of the snow that is there.
The Rainbow valley road has been cleared, the t-bar line is rideable from the base area to the top, you can find some good lines at the top of the mountain. Planned snowmaking means we are aiming to open the shirt front allowing top to bottom riding. We plan to open the beginners’ area as well.
Rainbow will be open this week, Wednesday 7th – Sunday 11th subject to weather. Come up, support your club and enjoy closing week and weekend. We will have all services,
including rentals, café and lessons.
We will not be running the academy as we don’t have enough instructors. A huge thank you to Tom, the staff, and Rainbow Ski Club members.
Thanks again for your support and we look forward to seeing you up here for the final time in 2022.