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Backcountry Access

Accessing the backcountry from Rainbow Ski Area couldn’t be easier.  There’s a variety of terrain with a range of aspects and elevations, you’re sure to find some great snow to ski or board. Please take care, and take all precautions to stay safe. 

Ski Tour - Includes One Up-Lift

check conditions & avalanche risk

Before you head off on your backcountry adventure, always check snow conditions as well as the avalanche risk for the area. The best way to do this is to check the Mountain Safety Council’s Avalanche Advisory Website. 

check the weather forecast

Always check the forecast before heading out, and be prepared. MetService, Niwa Parks, and Metvuw, are some good places to start.

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Check in with ski patrol

Once you’re at Rainbow, check in with Ski Patrol and fill out a Backcountry Intentions Form (BIF). You provide the details of your party and your planned route. Ski Patrol keep the form until you notify them of your safe return. If you’re coming back in to our ski area, just call in and let them know you’re back.

If you exit the backcountry, make sure to call our patrol team to let them know you’re safe. At the end of each day, Ski Patrol gathers up any BIF’s that haven’t been signed out and will initiate the first steps of a search, so it’s very important to let them know you’re all good.

take the gear & have some idea

Always carry a beacon, shovel and probe (BSP) whilst travelling in the backcountry and know how to use them.
You can hire PLB at Nelson – Outpost Supplies – RSCI Members get 10% off
St Arnaud DOC Centre –
Both charge Friday pm to Monday am $20 Weekend hire
or $30 for 7 days. 

respect other users & terrain closures

Always respect other ski area users

Never ski or hike through closed terrain within the ski area

Never ski where you might endanger other ski area users, eg: closed terrain above ski area

Always plan to return to the ski area before closing time