field Open - chains Carried by all.

Rainbow Snow-O Ski & Snowboarding Orienteering  


Sunday 10th September 

This is the second time this event is being held, the first event was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who took part and ever since they have been asking when the next one is. So here we go!


Everyone is welcome to take part in the Snow-O orienteering event at Rainbow Ski Area.

You will need either skis, snowboard or snowshoes, and a lift pass.

Each participant will be issued an event bib, a map and a SI-Card (orienteering memory stick).

The Snow-O is an individual event competing against the clock.

Participants need to visit all controls in numerical order, by navigating to control flags, at each control there will be an electronic box that will record your visit.


All controls can be accessed from the T-bar, with downhill and traversing travel.

The event will take 45-90-minutes. Your time in the queue and on the T-bar is not included in your race time.

There will be 3-events to choose from.

  1. T-Bar short course (3 x T-bar lifts)
  2. T-Bar long course (5 x T-bar lifts)
  3. Ski-touring / snowshoe (no T-bar)


Saturday September 10th 2022

Registration:   8:30-9:15am, cafe

Briefing:           9:30am, cafe

Start:               from 10:00am



  • don’t crowd controls, once you have recorded your visit to a control, move away from the control immediately. There will be other people approaching fast who want to record their visit at the control.
  • the ski area is open to public so you must respect the ski area rules and other people enjoying the mountain.
  • high visibility vests or race bibs must be worn, these can be borrowed and returned when you download your SI-Card.
  • a compass is not mandatory, but recommended.
  • don’t lose the SI-Card, they are expensive to replace at your cost.




Entry fee

Adults              NOC Members $5      Non-members $15

Students          NOC Members $5      Non-members $10

Families          NOC Members $20    Non-members $35

SI-Card hire    $3




The event is being run by Nelson Orienteering Club, Marlborough Orienteering Club and Rainbow Ski Area

SNOW-O 2022 brochure